About Me

Love games and anything involving an xBox

I am a gamer and slots fanatic. I love playing on my xbox and have a number of other consoles that I use all the time. When I am not on my xBox I love to go online and play the slots my favourite types are the movie related ones but any will do. I have accounts all over the place many because of the free bets you get when you sign up and with new websites being launched all the time there is never any shortage of offers of no deposit free bet deals.

Life is short

I definitely gal into the work to live category just doing enough to get by and by 5.30 I am the first out of the door. I hate these stay in work all the time types they must literally have no life and you will never catch me up to that game end of story. The job is ok I work in retail and at least I get to meet loads of people every day and its hardly taxing work. In my spare time I go out…a lot and party pretty hard at the weekends.

Sporty spice

I love sport and go to the football every weekend followed by a few pints and a curry with the lads. We play every sunday although that is a bit hit and miss depending on the night before. On our day we are a decent team but are boys are all animals and more often than not the entire team is sporting a huge hangover. Our prematch routine maybe not premier league class but the after game hospitality is always up there with the best and Mondays are often a bit of a blur. Just as well the boss has a soft spot for me as some of the states I turn up in leave not a lot to the imagination. Hope you enjoy the blog and come back often.